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  • What is a fertilized egg cell called?

  • A fertilized egg cell is called a (n) _____. A fertilized egg is called a zygote. It is formed when the sperm meets the egg. A zygote is single diploid cell that is formed when two haploid cells merge, in this case the haploid cells are the sperm cell and the egg or ovum.

  • What is the first stage of a fertilized egg called?

  • C. Zygote –when the egg is fertilized its first stage is a zygote. Later becomes an embryo.

  • What is the formation of multicellular organisms from a fertilized egg?

  • The formation of a multicellular organism from a fertilized egg is called development. Development is accomplished through the processes of: a) fission and cytokinesis. b) meiosis alone. c) mitosis and cytokinesis. d) mitosis alone. e) meiosis and cytokinesis. c The rate at which mitosis occurs varies dramatically for different types of cells.

  • How to tell if an egg is fertilized?

  • From candling to just cracking them open, there are a few different methods to checking if an egg is fertilized. A person can tell if an egg is fertilized by either candling the egg and looking for dark splotches/veins, or by cracking the egg open and seeing if it has a small white spot (germinal disc) on the yolk.

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