are fertilizer spikes good for trees

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  • Should I fertilize my Trees with spikes?

  • 鈥?Don鈥檛 be tempted to place the spikes close to the tree trunk. Too much fertilizer can weaken and even kill your trees. Keep the spikes at the drip line. 鈥?Per tree, spikes are a little more expensive than granular or liquid fertilizer. 鈥?Sideways fertilizer movement is limited in the soil.

  • Why do fruit trees have fruit tree fertilizer spikes?

  • Since the spikes are pressed into the soil at specific locations around the tree trunk, the concentrated nutrients are released unevenly around the root system. This can cause uneven root development, making the trees vulnerable to strong winds. Fruit tree fertilizer spikes can also provide an opportunity for insects to attack the tree roots.

  • What are fertilizer spikes and how do they work?

  • The drip line is the furthest point that limbs reach from the trunk. Placing the spikes along the dripline encourages tree roots to grow out toward the fertilizer. Each time it rains or you water your yard, fertilizer will be released from the spikes. Advantages of using fertilizer spikes include:

  • What are fruit tree spikes used for?

  • Each spike contains fertilizer that is released into the soil. You can get fruit-specific spikes, like fruit tree fertilizer spikes for citrus plants. But there are detriments, too, to using fruit tree spikes that you should be aware of.

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