can cbd help with fertility

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  • Can CBD oil improve fertility through mood?

  • CBD Oil May Improve Fertility Through Mood. You may have heard about people with ongoing fertility struggles suddenly鈥攁nd 鈥渕iraculously鈥濃€攃onceiving successfully without much explanation as to why. Believe it or not, your mood and mental wellness can play an important role in pregnancy and fertility.

  • Can CBD help you get pregnant?

  • It鈥檚 been suggested that endocannabinoids can boost follicle maturation and ovarian function, as well as increase sperm鈥檚 ability to fertilize an egg. It seems logical that CBD, which can boost endocannabinoid production, could be a beneficial supplement to consume while trying to conceive.

  • Can CBD oil help you lose weight?

  • Luckily, CBD oil can help in reducing and ultimately putting an end to both of these afflictions. CBD oil has been known to reduce addictive behaviors and can help people quit nicotine. CBD oil can also improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and reduce the pain associated with working out 鈥攁ll risk factors for weight gain.

  • Does smoking cannabis lower your sperm count?

  • Another study showed that smoking cannabis lowered sperm count and concentration by 28%, suggesting that it can considerably inhibit male fertility [ 2 ].

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