can cbd help with fertility

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  • Can CBD oil help with infertility?

  • Over 7 million women of the same age group have used infertility services and therapies. One of these therapies is CBD oil for infertility. [1] However, research in this field is still in its baby shoes, and much of it is inconclusive鈥攅ven confusing.

  • Can you use CBD oil when trying to get pregnant?

  • Deciding whether or not to use CBD oil when trying to become pregnant is complicated. While CBD oil is typically considered to be very safe, with the World Health Organization (WHO) stating CBD oil is generally well tolerated, more research is needed on the effects of CBD oil on fertility rates in humans, specifically.

  • Can CBD reduce uterine contractions?

  • Conducted in Scotland and published in theJournal of the Society for Reproduction and Fertility, the study’s researchers conclude that CBD can reduce uterine contractions. This study was done with synthetic CBD.

  • Can CBD oil help you lose weight?

  • Luckily, CBD oil can help in reducing and ultimately putting an end to both of these afflictions. CBD oil has been known to reduce addictive behaviors and can help people quit nicotine. CBD oil can also improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and reduce the pain associated with working out 鈥攁ll risk factors for weight gain.

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