can i fertilize after cutting lawn

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Because you only mow when grass is actively growing,and should only fertilize your lawn during a growth period,the two often coincide. There isno reason you shouldn鈥檛fertilize your lawn right after cutting it,as long as you do so safely.

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  • Should I fertilize my lawn after mowing?

  • When it comes to lawn maintenance, many factors determine how healthy, lush and green a lawn is. Lawns require regular mowing, water and fertilizer to keep them in pristine condition. When fertilizing a lawn, it is best to apply fertilizer after the lawn has been mowed so it has a few days to absorb the fertilizer.

  • Why does fertilizer stay on the lawn after cutting?

  • This causes the fertilizer to stay on the lawn even if it was picked up during the cutting of the grass. If an herbicide is also sprayed along with fertilizer, it takes some time for the leaves to absorb the herbicide and move it throughout the grass plant.

  • How to prevent grass from growing out of control after fertilizing?

  • 1 Don鈥檛 wait too long: Do not let the grass grow out of control by waiting longer than a week after fertilizing. … 2 Avoid wet grass: Avoid mowing the lawn when the grass is wet. Mowing a muddy or wet lawn will damage the grass. 3 Watering: Always water in the fertilizer and let the grass dry completely before mowing the lawn.

  • When is the best time of year to fertilize New Grass?

  • This is an incredibly active time for new grass. Seeding early in spring is recommended, allowing plenty of time for them to germinate and mature before summers hot weather arrives. When to Fertilize: if you used a pre-turfing fertilizer wait 6 weeks if you didn鈥檛 feed after 4 weeks of laying the new lawn.

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