can i get pregnant on fertile window

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  • What is the 鈥榝ertile window鈥?for pregnancy?

  • The 鈥榝ertile window鈥?depends on the length of the menstrual cycle, which varies among women. The 鈥榝ertile window鈥?is the day an egg is released from the ovary (ovulation) and the five days beforehand. Having sex (intercourse) during this time gives you the best chance of getting pregnant. A woman can get pregnant any time of the month.

  • Can you get pregnant on your fertile days?

  • Your fertile days after your period is dependent on your menstrual cycle. If your cycle is regular 28 days cycle, then you are likely to ovulate about a week after your period ends. Your fertile window is the best time to get pregnant after period. Can you get pregnant on your fertile days? Yes.

  • How long is the fertile window for ovulation?

  • This fertile window last for 6 days 鈥?it begins 5 days prior to ovulation and lasts until the day of ovulation. In general, your most fertile days are the 4-5 days before and the day of ovulation.

  • Can you get pregnant 5 days before or after ovulation?

  • This means that if you have intercourse 5 days before ovulation, you can still get pregnant. Your fertile window is therefore 5 days before you ovulate and one day after. Before we go into how to calculate ovulation and fertile days, let me explain some terms. This is the first day of the last time you saw your period.

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