can i use fish fertilizer on vegetables

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  • Is fish fertilizer good for plants?

  • Fish fertilizer is a great plant fertilizer, as well as a fantastic stand-in for traditional fertilizer. Fish fertilizer A.K.A. fish emulsion contains potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen as well as sulfur, magnesium, and calcium, which plants crave and thrive on when given regularly.

  • How do you use fish emulsion fertilizer?

  • It can also be poured around the base of the plant, using the same emulsion to water formula. Water your plants thoroughly after treating them with fish emulsion fertilizer. Treat your plants once every four weeks/once a month through the major growing cycle. Be sure to treat both leaves and the soil during each treatment.

  • How often should I apply fish fertilizer?

  • To get the most benefit from using fish fertilizer on your plants, apply the mixture twice per week. In the spring, apply the diluted fish emulsion to the lawn with a sprayer. Did you find this helpful?

  • What happens if you use too much fish fertilizer?

  • If you use too much of the fish, you may unwittingly harm your plants. Dead fish is a great option for fertilizer for many gardens. Whether you make it yourself or buy it from the store, you can use it to give your plants the nutrients they need.

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