can i use garden fertilizer on my lawn

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No, you should not

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  • Can I use lawn fertilizer on other plants?

  • As long as the lawn fertilizer doesn’t contain a pesticide or herbicide chemical that would harm other garden plants, the fertilizer may be used. To prevent application of too much nitrogen, scatter the fertilizer at one-fifth or one-fourth the rate.

  • What is the best fertilizer for lawns?

  • Lawn fertilizers typically are richly abundant in nitrogen and quite lean in other nutrients like potassium and phosphorus. Nitrogen in the soil allows plants to grow new stems and leaves, which is ideal for a lush green lawn but not ideal for other plants in a diverse garden.

  • What does lawn fertilizer do to grass?

  • As you can imagine, lawn fertilizers contain plenty of nitrogen to make grass grow greener. If you were to use this fertilizer in your garden, your plants may grow tall and green, but fail to produce flowers or fruit. Phosphorus is a nutrient that is important for photosynthesis and root development. It also helps plants to resist disease.

  • Should I fertilize my lawn or garden this summer?

  • While both your lawn and garden need fertilizer to give the soil nutrients so that it can stay as healthy as possible, they both need different elements in different quantities, and even at different times. The key to a healthy, green lawn that can withstand the heat of summer is a healthy root system.

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