can i use orchid fertilizer for other plants

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  • What is the best fertilizer for orchids?

  • For orchids, most fertilizers have 10% phosphorus, but most other houseplants require about 5%. With the extra nitrogen and phosphorus in orchid fertilizer, it could be too strong for regular application on household plants. Potassium is used for overall well-being of orchids and other plants.

  • What can I do with leftover orchid fertilizer?

  • Other plants, like succulents, also tend to react well to orchid fertilizer. The best thing to do here is to use the leftover fertilizer water on your succulents instead of pouring it out. Welcome to GardenHelpful!

  • What is the difference between orchid fertilizer and non-orchid fertilizer?

  • There is nothing inherently different about orchid and non-orchid ferts. Orchid ferts tend to be in higher concentrations, but you would have to dilute them for use with plants that prefer a weaker rate of feeding. Only use higher strength on plants that need lots of fert., and then only when appropriate (growing season etc.)

  • Is phosphorus in orchid fertilizer bad?

  • The problem with the Phosphorus in orchid fertilizer is that the recommended dose for household plants is quite low. Phosphorus is the 2nd number in the N-P-K ration, and in household plants is rarely over the proportion of 5. or even 5- 5 -5. Orchid fertilizers are more towards 30- 10 -10- or 20- 20 -20 or 30- 10 -10.

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