can long term birth control use affect fertility

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  • Can the birth control pill affect my fertility?

  • No 鈥?there’s no evidence that long-term use of the birth control pill interferes with fertility. Some women experience a disruption in their menstrual cycle for several months after going off the Pill (a condition called post-pill amenorrhea).

  • What are the long term effects of birth control pills?

  • Longer-Term Effects of Birth Control and Fertility. Using the birth control pill for 5 years or longer may cause thinning of the endometrium, possibly making implantation less likely. Hormonal birth control can also change the consistency of the cervical mucus, slowing or even stopping sperm from reaching the egg.

  • What happens to your period when you stop taking birth control?

  • Because fertility and ovulation are tied to hormones, changing hormone levels by quitting birth control may affect your cycle. In most cases, your period should return to its normal cycle right away, but for some women, it may take a few months. If it takes longer, it may be a sign of an underlying condition.

  • How many women who never used birth control get pregnant?

  • A prospective study of 8,500 pregnancies found that 85% of women who never used birth control got pregnant within a year of trying, compared to 89% of women who had used birth control for more than five years. The authors concluded that prolonged use of oral contraception was associated with slightly improved fertility.

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