can long term birth control use affect fertility

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Decrease in fertility

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  • Does the pill negatively impact long-term fertility?

  • We have learned that taking the Pill can negatively impact long-term fertility. Prolonged use of birth control confuses the body and may negatively impact long-term fertility in the following ways鈥?1. Menstrual cycle disruption. shares that studies show the following鈥?/div>Top 5 Ways the Birth Control Pill Negatively Impacts Long

  • What are the effects of long-term use of birth control?

  • However, there are some possible side effects from long-term usage, such as an increased risk of blood clots and breast cancer . The effects, though, are not all negative: Long-term use of birth control has also been associated with a reduced risk of developing ovarian, endometrial, and colorectal cancers.

  • Do birth control pills aid fertility?

  • Birth Control Pills May Aid Fertility. 75.4% of the women who had been on the pill for more than five years conceived within six months of trying compared to 70.5% of women who had never used the pill. A similar advantage was found among long-term pill users who took up to a year to become pregnant compared to non-users (89.5% vs. 85.4%).

  • Do birth control pills make it harder to get pregnant?

  • Birth Control Pills May Aid Fertility. Prolonged Use May Make it Easer to Conceive Later. From the WebMD Archives. Sept. 27, 2002 — Women who take birth control pills for long periods of time may find it a little easier to get pregnant once they go off the pill than other women.

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