can virgin hair fertilizer grow beard

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  • Is Virgin hair fertilizer good for hair growth?

  • As a result, Virgin Hair Fertilizer has gained popularity among naturals who are in the midst of a transition or dealing with hair loss. Keep in mind that the rate at which a person鈥檚 hair grows and its thickness are generally a result of genetics, assuming that the hair is healthy; so there are no guaranteed methods to stimulating hair growth.

  • Can sperm make your beard grow faster?

  • Can sperm make your beard or hair grow? Applying sperm can help grow a beard. Sperm promotes facial hair growth through Spermidine, a constituent of semen that stimulates beard elongation, promotes keratin production, prolongs the growth phase, and inhibits the beard shedding phase.

  • What is a hair fertilizer?

  • Hair fertilizer is typically used as a scalp moisturizer, meant to be applied directly to the scalp to encourage hair growth. When you open a box of Virgin Hair Fertilizer, you鈥檒l find a tube of somewhat thick hair cream.

  • Why can鈥檛 I grow my beard?

  • Low levels of beard growth hormones can be the reason you are not able to achieve your beard growth goals. Secondly, genes aka androgen receptors that are not sensitive enough to beard growth hormones may be affecting your beard growth. Whereas beard growth is entirely dependant on genes and beard growth hormones.

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