can you apply fertilizer and herbicide at the same time

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  • Can you fertilize and apply fungicide at the same time?

  • If you fertilize at the same time you apply the fungicide, you will obviously have to water so the fertilizer dissolves but you risk some fungicide simultaneously leaching in to the soil. Click to see full answer. Simply so, can I apply fungicide and fertilizer at the same time?

  • How much do you charge to fertilize and apply herbicide?

  • I feel like companies can probably offer a better deal when they use liquid fertilizer and spray herbicide in the same treatment. I charge $130 per acre to fertilize or apply herbicide. Curious as to your thoughts on the type of fertilizer (granular or liquid) and how you go about pricing

  • Should I fertilize my lawn with pre-emergent herbicides?

  • With so many tasks to do, it is easy for well-intentioned gardeners to succumb to the marketing of fertilizer products that contain pre-emergent herbicides. Why not combine the two jobs of fertilizing the lawn and applying pre-emergent herbicide to control those pesky summer weeds in one fell swoop?!

  • What type of fertilizer do you use on your lawn?

  • We use granular and liquid fertilizer depending on the time of the year. We have 500 customers, if we did every lawn twice for fert and w/c, we would never get them all done.

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