can you fertilize a pasture with horses on it

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  • How do you manage your horse’s pasture?

  • Coleman said not producing more grass than your horses can keep up with will make pasture management easier. However, he added that if you are grazing and haying a field, you might want to fertilize heavily in the spring to get better grass growth for hay production. Some horse owners compost their manure and old bedding and use it for fertilizer.

  • Do you spill fertilizer in your horse pasture?

  • Do not spill fertilizer in horse areas. If you do, thoroughly clean it up and till if necessary. 2. Do liming in the absence of horses. Keep horses off limed pasture until after a rain. Lime dust inhalation may cause respiratory problems.

  • Can I graze my pasture after it is fertilized?

  • 鈥?Extension Horses Can I graze my pasture after it is fertilized? Extremely high nitrate content in forages may present potential horse health problems. As a guide, 60 pounds or less of nitrogen applied per acre of pasture is considered safe. Sixty to 100 pounds of nitrogen applied per acre is marginal and may sometimes cause potential problems.

  • Is it necessary to keep horses off newly fertilized fields?

  • If you fertilize a field, is it necessary to keep horses off that field until it rains to prevent horses from getting sick? Ideally horses should be removed from newly fertilized pastures and be reintroduced to the pasture after a light rain. However, that may not be feasible due to housing space for the horse (s).

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