can you fertilize dormant grass

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  • Should I fertilize my lawn if it is dormant?

  • You should never apply a nitrogen-rich fertilizer to a dormant lawn. Applying fertilizer when it is too cold and your lawn is not yet growing will only encourage any weeds to grow and take over. If there is a drought, you might want to avoid fertilizing your lawn until it鈥檚 over.

  • How to maintain dormant lawns?

  • As the grass is in the dormant stage, you should reduce the usage of the lawn. The traffic on the grass might damage the crowns of the grass. Foot traffic on the gardens would create stress on the grass and might cause immediate dehydration.

  • Should I fertilize my lawn during a drought?

  • Avoid fertilizing your lawn during periods of drought. Most fertilizers need several waterings to soak into the soil, and allowing the fertilizer to sit on top of the lawn could burn the grass.

  • What is the best fertilizer for dormant lawns?

  • It鈥檚 important that you only use a slow-release, nitrogen fertilizer, such as Milorganite which will stay on the soil of your dormant lawn until moisture and temperature conditions are just right for soil microbes to break down the nutrients for your lawn to use in early spring.

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