can you fertilize ferns

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  • Do ferns need fertilizer to grow?

  • Feeding Fern Plants Most perennial ferns do not require fertilizer, however, can benefit from it. In fact, a 1/2-inch layer of aged compost applied in spring, covered by another inch of shredded wood mulch or straw mulch, can provide enough nutrients to maintain healthy fern plants while also helping to hold in moisture.

  • How do you fertilize Boston ferns in the summer?

  • In the spring and summer, Boston ferns need to be fertilized once a month. The proper Boston fern fertilizer to use in summer is a water soluble fertilizer mixed at half strength. The fertilizer should have an NPK ratio of 20-10-20. During the summer you can supplement the monthly Boston fern fertilizer with slow release fertilizers.

  • How do you fix over fertilized ferns?

  • If the outer fronds or tips of the fronds turn brown, this is a sign of over fertilizing outdoor ferns. You can then try to flush the fertilizer from the soil with extra watering. Ferns like a lot of water and should be fine with this flushing, but if tips turn black, decrease the watering.

  • How to feed outdoor ferns?

  • It is also advised to use organic material or fertilizers for feeding your outdoor fern plants. In case you see that your ferns have become limp or weak, you can feed them worm castings, peat, or leaf mold. Watering your ferns is necessary since this mixes the fertilizer to the soil for better growth results. How to Feed Indoor Ferns?

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