can you fertilize fruit trees in the fall

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  • Should I fertilize my fruit trees this winter?

  • If you fertilize now, your trees will continue to grow instead of developing the hardiness they need to survive the Winter. During the Fall, only fertilize your fruit trees if they have pale leaves and new growth is weak. If these signs occur, a cup or less of a balanced fertilizer should be enough to help the tree along.

  • What happens if you fertilize a fruit tree too much?

  • Too much nitrogen in a fertilizer can make branches and leaves grow so vigorously that the fruit itself suffers. There are also specialized fruit tree fertilizers which are great if you aren鈥檛 fertilizing an entire orchard. Always remember that it鈥檚 better to underfeed than overfeed, even with organic fertilizers.

  • What is the best fertilizer for fruit trees?

  • A balanced organic fertilizer acts as a multivitamin for your trees. Spring is the best time for fertilizing fruit trees because spring is when trees need plenty of energy to push out new leaves and nurture baby fruit. Feed the trees before they break from dormancy, during bud-break, or during the growing season.

  • Where do you apply fertilizer to fruit trees?

  • To help the fruit tree 鈥渆at鈥?the fertilizer most efficiently, apply the fertilizer evenly starting a foot away from the trunk and continue all the way to the 鈥渄rip line.鈥?The drip line is the perimeter of the tree鈥檚 furthest reaching branches.

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