can you plant grass seed after fertilizing

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  • Should I fertilize before planting grass seed?

  • You must ensure that your grass gets adequate nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. Since the soil takes some time to absorb the fertilizer, you should fertilize the lawn before planting the grass seed instead of afterward. You can apply your grass seed as soon as you add fertilizer to your lawn.

  • Can you mix grass seed and fertilizer together?

  • Seed and Feed. Some grass seeds come with fertilizer mixed in them. You should still fertilize the soil before applying the seed and fertilizer combination, but you may not want to add as much fertilizer, because the combined fertilizer of both applications can overwhelm the plants. When applying the seeds and fertilizer, do not use your hands.

  • When to fertilize New Lawn after turf?

  • When to Fertilize: if you used a pre-turfing fertilizer wait 6 weeks if you didn鈥檛 feed after 4 weeks of laying the new lawn. The season that families spend the most time in the garden, it鈥檚 less of a traditional time to sow lawn seeds as the mild weather has well and truly gone.

  • What happens if you fertilize grass seed without a starter?

  • With the fertilizer (if not a starter) and seeds applied simultaneously, the seeds will not develop at all, no matter how much you water it or moisten it or look after it. Should I fertilize when I plant grass seed? No, it is not advisable to fertilize soil while planting seeds.

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