can you seed and fertilize at the same time

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  • Can I apply fertilizer at the same time I seed my lawn?

  • Applying fertilizer at the same time you seed your lawn is not a recommended idea. Many experts will tell you that doing so you could risk to destroy a large part of your lawn where the soil was heavily fertilized.

  • How do you spread fertilizer after seeding?

  • You can also spread the fertilizer directly after seeding the grass, which we recommend using a spreader wagon to ensure that the seeds are distributed as evenly as possible. You can also use this tool to spread the fertilizer. Be sure to incorporate the seed into the soil.

  • How to fertilize lawn with weeds?

  • Till the fertilizer into the first 2 to 4 inches of top soil. Use a rake to smooth the soil’s surface and water the lawn to activate the fertilizer. Seed your lawn immediately after applying the fertilizer. If you wait to seed your lawn, weeds will take advantage of the nutrients and start popping up in the bare yard.

  • Should you fertilize soil while planting seeds?

  • No, it is not advisable to fertilize soil while planting seeds. That is because it can become a cause for the irregular scattering and irregular growth of plants. It can result in damaging your lawn, leaving dry patches having colors like yellow or brown and making it look scorched.

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