do antibiotics make you more fertile

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  • Do antibiotics affect fertility in women?

  • Antibiotics refer to a range of antimicrobial drugs that help fight bacterial infections. They are the most commonly recommended drugs in modern medicine. Find out how it affects fertility in women as well as men: 1. Impact of Antibiotics on Female Fertility Many women who are on antibiotics worry if they can cause infertility.

  • Which drugs affect your fertility?

  • 9 Drugs Which Affect Your Fertility. Antibiotics 鈥?Can interfere with production of sperm. They are; Minocin, nitrofurantoin, sulfasalazine and aminoglycosides. In women their use predisposes to yeast infections and can interfere with fertile mucus production.

  • Can I take antibiotics if I am trying to get pregnant?

  • If you are trying to get pregnant or you’re already pregnant, check with your doctor before you take antibiotics or any other new medicines, including over-the-counter medicines. If a medicine you need could affect your fertility or pregnancy, your doctor might be able to prescribe something else.

  • Do birth control pills affect fertility?

  • Birth Control Pills May Aid Fertility. The pregnant women and their partners answered questionnaires about various factors that might have affected their fertility, such as use of birth control pills, age, whether they smoked or drank alcohol, their educational level, height, and weight.

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