do daffodils need fertilizer

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Fertilizing daffodil plants that are established in early springspurs new spring growth. Newly planted bulbs are fertilized at planting in fall. Feeding bulbs at planting gives them a good start for their spring debut.

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  • How to fertilize daffodils?

  • Mix it in well and then plant the bulb. Mature daffodils respond well to early spring fertilizer. Use a gentle liquid fish emulsion fertilizer mixed in water for fertilizing daffodil plants and pour it around the bulb zone.

  • Do daffodils need a lot of water?

  • They thrive in rich, moist soil but, as with most bulbs, they require excellent drainage or they will rot. 2 Since daffodils can survive for years, you will want to find a spot to plant them where they will not sit in waterlogged soil. Daffodils like to be watered regularly in the spring and fall.

  • What do you feed daffodil bulbs?

  • Daffodils are pretty self-sufficient, but if you have poor soil or the plants are not flowering as much as they should, top dress with bulb food or bone meal when the leaves first emerge. Lightly feed again when they flower.

  • Can you plant daffodil bulbs in the spring?

  • Daffodils are not bulbs to plant in spring because they require the winter’s chill to bloom. Using bone meal for daffodils can attract skunks, raccoons and dogs to the daffodil bulbs. Don鈥檛 over-fertilize your daffodils.

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