do epididymal cysts affect fertility

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Not be associated with infertility

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  • What percentage of men have epididymal cysts?

  • Of the 91 men studied, 71% demonstrated epididymal cysts (73% of infertile and 67% of fertile men). Epididymal cysts were not be associated with infertility, 蠂2(df = 1)= 0.362 with p= .55. This occurrence of epididymal cysts is the highest ever reported (71% of all men).

  • Does removing an epididymal cyst affect male fertility?

  • In some cases, removing an epididymal cyst or spermatoceles can affect male fertility as it may disrupt sperm鈥檚 ability to travel from the testicle to the penis or cause blockage in the epididymis, preventing the ability of sperm to travel out.

  • Can EC cysts cause infertility?

  • ECs are a very common finding on adult scrotal ultrasounds with a rate approximately double that seen in the teenage pediatric population. Though the reason for the high prevalence of EC is unknown, there is no evidence to suggest that the presence of these cysts is associated with infertility.

  • Are Epididymal Cysts associated with infertility on scrotal sonography?

  • The existence of epididymal cysts on scrotal sonography was the main risk factor. Predictably, the only sonographic findings associated with infertility were small testes (right: t(df = 89)= 鈭?.52; left: t(df = 89)= 鈭?.28, both p= .01) and the presence of a varicocele, 蠂2(df = 1)= 5.766 with p= .02.

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