do i need lawn fertilizer

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  • Should I fertilize my lawn when it doesn’t need it?

  • There’s no doubt that lawns need fertilizer, but it’s easy to make mistakes, like applying the wrong nutrients or fertilizing at the wrong time. If you fertilize your lawn when it doesn’t need it, you’re essentially throwing money away, so it’s essential to apply fertilizers at the right time, and use no more than necessary.

  • What is the best way to fertilize your lawn?

  • Considerations. For best results, use a slow-release fertilizer, which provides better nutrition in the long run. After applying fertilizer, gently water your lawn just enough to wash the fertilizer off the leaves and into the soil.

  • When should I fertilize my cool season grass?

  • Cool-Season Grasses. These types of grass grow most vigorously in winter, so they should be fertilized in fall. You can fertilize again in late spring to early summer, but only if your lawn looks like it needs it. A healthy lawn generally doesn’t need a second round of fertilizer.

  • How much fertilizer do you put on grass in full sun?

  • Typically, you’ll need to use twice as much fertilizer on grass in full sun than you would in an area that is shaded. Similarly, you’ll want to adjust your fertilization amount based on how often people walk on your lawn.

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