do mulched leaves make good fertilizer

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  • What happens to leaves when mulch is mixed with soil?

  • The mulch layer will also keep weeds from growing, and keep disease-bearing soil from splashing onto the plants. Leaves break down over time and turn into leaf mold. When the leaves break down, mix them into the top 2 to 3 inches of soil in the garden to fertilize the soil and add organic matter.

  • What is the purpose of leaf mulch?

  • Leaf mulches also suppress weeds, reducing the amount of weeding for the gardener or the need to use herbicides. They also can help reduce soil erosion in certain instances. Tips on Mulching with Leaves The best way to use leaves is to shred them.

  • Can you use dried leaves as mulch?

  • Dried leaves as mulch break down more quickly and shred easily. You can also use leaves after the season that have been moist and developed into leaf mold. These are partially decomposed and can be worked into the soil. Using leaf litter for mulch is an easy way to recycle the debris in your yard.

  • How to mulch leaves in fall?

  • Mulching leaves can be as simple as pulling out your lawn mower and making a few passes. If you have lots of leaves to mulch, you might invest in a special mulching blade or mulching mower. Take these steps in fall to mulch your way to a healthier lawn. 1. Leave a thin layer of leaves on the lawn and mulch them using your mower.

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