do they freeze fertilized eggs

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  • Is freezing eggs the same as freezing embryos?

  • Here, we鈥檒l delve into freezing eggs vs. freezing embryos and help you decide which option is right for you. The egg freezing procedure and the embryo freezing procedure both start the same basic way: with hormone medication, injected over for 8鈥?2 days, that stimulates the ovaries to produce multiple eggs.

  • How much does it cost to freeze an egg?

  • Lastly, the upfront cost of egg freezing is less than that of embryo freezing, which requires in vitro fertilization before freezing. While egg freezing costs about $11,000 on average鈥攁nd starts at under $5,000 here at Extend Fertility 鈥攖he creation and freezing of embryos can add a few thousand dollars to that bill.

  • What is the egg freezing procedure?

  • The procedure involves removing eggs from the ovaries, fertilizing them to create embryos, letting them grow for several days and then freezing them. When thawed, the fertilized eggs 鈥?embryos 鈥?can be implanted either in the patient or in another person.

  • Should you freeze your eggs to delay pregnancy?

  • In a January 2013 report, ASRM said that egg freezing technology has 鈥渋mproved dramatically鈥?and that it should no longer be considered experimental. But the study concluded that there wasn鈥檛 enough data to recommend egg freezing for the purposes of delaying childbearing.

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