do yoni eggs help with fertility

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  • What are yoni eggs good for?

  • Yoni eggs are said to: Balance menstrual cycles. Foster urinary and digestive health. Increase libido and orgasms. Soothe menstrual cramps. Strengthen vaginal muscles. However pretty and sparkly they may be, though, yoni eggs are not shown to have any scientific medical use.

  • Should you use a yoni egg to strengthen your pelvic floor?

  • Although pelvic floor training has been shown to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, using a yoni egg requires you to continually clench your vaginal muscles, which can actually cause harm. 鈥淲hen you use a yoni egg, you鈥檙e not doing the contract-release-relax sequence that pelvic floor training requires,鈥?Dr. Kshettry says.

  • What is yoni steaming and can it support fertility?

  • Yoni steaming is an ancient practice that has been passed down over centuries which has an abundance of profound and positive effects on the female reproductive system and your fertility. Yoni in Sanskrit refers to the Womb. So how can yoni steaming support fertility? As a hormone alchemist and fertility expert most of my clients are women.

  • What is a yoni?

  • Yoni is the Sanscrit word for vagina and translates into 鈥淪acred Temple.鈥?Roots of this ancient healing ritual have been found in Africa, the Indigenous Americas, Korea and India.

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