do you fertilize new grass

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  • Do I need to fertilize new grass seed?

  • Still, it will be helpful to add starter fertilizer to make sure the seeds get the proper nutrient amounts, especially phosphorus, for root growth. When Should I Fertilize New Grass Seed?

  • When should I fertilize my lawn?

  • Begin applying regular lawn fertilizer once the grass has a good root system and is actively growing. This means you’ll start fertilizing four to eight weeks after planting. The exact time frame depends on how fast the grass grows and whether you started from seed, which will take longer to establish, or from sod or sprigs, which establish faster.

  • Should I fertilize my lawn before or after laying sod?

  • This can be done before you lay seed or sod, or at the same time. After you apply starter fertilizer, don鈥檛 reapply it. The ratios of nutrients can actually be harmful and burn established grass. I recommend using a traditional, nitrogen-rich organic fertilizer 6-8 weeks after planting new grass.

  • Can I use Weed and feed fertilizer on a new lawn?

  • Never use weed and feed fertilizers when planting a new lawn. They are not properly formulated for new grass plants, and the herbicides can kill grass seedlings.

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