do you need to aerate before fertilizing

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  • When is the best time to fertilize after aerating?

  • Immediately after aerating, your lawn is exposed to oxygen, and so laying fertilizer during this time is your best bet for growing a healthy, envy-worthy lawn. The best fertilizer to use (and how much) will be dependent on your grass type and lawn size.

  • What is aerating and fertilizing?

  • Aerating and fertilizing is that twice-a-year 鈥渄eep clean鈥?to ensure your lawn stays in tip-top shape. Aeration is a lawn treatment that pulls out 鈥渃ores鈥?or small plugs of grass and topsoil to create a small hole.

  • Can I aerate my lawn immediately after aerating?

  • This means you may also aerate (and seed) your lawn immediately after aerating. It usually doesn鈥檛 take long to get enthusiastic about aerating. One successful season behind a lawn aerator 鈥?followed by an application of fertilizer 鈥?is often all it takes.

  • Can you put fertilizer on top of aerated grass?

  • Fertilizer can burn the grass and should be applied during the times of year when the sun is less intense. Rake the lawn before aerating to remove thatch as well as any stones that may damage your aerator. Water the lawn to moisturize the soil if it has not rained in the previous 48 hours.

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