does cervical cancer affect fertility

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Usually affect fertility adversely

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  • How does cervical cancer affect pregnancy?

  • Cervical cancer can impact a person鈥檚 pregnancy, future fertility, and postpartum care. Your treatment options and outlook will depend on the type of cervical cancer you have, the size of your tumor, and how far along you are in your pregnancy.

  • What are the risks of cervical cancer treatment?

  • But there is a chance you may have a higher risk of miscarriage or infertility. This is due to potential changes to and scarring of the cervix after you get this treatment. if you are interested in preserving your fertility, and you have small tumors and are in the early stages of cervical cancer, your doctor might suggest one of these procedures.

  • Can cancer treatments affect fertility?

  • How Cancer Treatments Can Affect Fertility in Women. A lot of things must take place for a couple to make a baby, and a 鈥渂ody system malfunction鈥?at any point can lead to changes in fertility. Cancer, or more often cancer treatments, can interfere with some part of the process and affect your ability to have children.

  • Can I have a baby if I have cervical cancer?

  • There is a small increase in risk of having the baby early (premature birth) or having a low birth weight after these treatments. This can depend on the amount of cervical tissue that is taken away. Another option for early cervical cancer (small stage 1 cancer) is a radical trachelectomy.

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