does cervical cancer affect fertility

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  • Can I get pregnant if I have cervical cancer?

  • Read about the effects of cervical cancer treatment on your fertility. Unfortunately, after most treatment for cervical cancer, you won’t be able to get pregnant. This is because you may have: surgery to remove your womb (a radical hysterectomy) radiotherapy as part of your treatment that affects the womb and may stop your ovaries working.

  • Is infertility after cervical cancer avoidable?

  • But a woman should not lose heart because infertility after suffering from cervical cancer is avoidable. A lot depends on what stage it was detected and what treatments were carried out. There can be ways that will help in preserving and protecting a woman鈥檚 fertility after its treatment.

  • Can cancer treatment affect my fertility?

  • Sometimes fertility is not affected by cancer treatment, but there can be concern about birth defects if a pregnancy happens during or after treatment. Studies show there is a risk of birth defects when a woman becomes pregnant while getting or after receiving some types of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and hormone therapy.

  • What are the risks of cervical cancer treatment?

  • But there is a chance you may have a higher risk of miscarriage or infertility. This is due to potential changes to and scarring of the cervix after you get this treatment. if you are interested in preserving your fertility, and you have small tumors and are in the early stages of cervical cancer, your doctor might suggest one of these procedures.

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