does coenzyme q10 help fertility

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  • What is CoQ10 and how does it improve fertility?

  • Coezyme Q10 helps to improve fertility and the functioning of our cells in two main ways. (1) CoQ10 is a vital part of the electron transport chain, which is responsible for generating energy in our cells. When CoQ10 levels are higher, the electron transport chain works more quickly and efficiently to produce energy.

  • What are the benefits of coenzyme Q10 supplements?

  • Sperm and egg cells require a lot of energy to develop and are prone to destructive oxidation. Coenzyme Q10 functions as an antioxidant and in the key energy-generating pathway within cells. [1] Levels of CoQ10 decrease as you age. Taking CoQ10 supplements is a great way to increase your CoQ10 levels. [2]

  • Will coenzyme Q 10 hurt my fertility?

  • So, the bottom line is that Coenzyme Q 10 will not hurt you in the appropriate dosing and may enhance your egg or sperm quality by improving the energy of these cells. More research is required, however, to show that this is true in humans.

  • Can CoQ10 and ubiquinol improve egg quality?

  • Women consume millions of bottles of CoQ10 and Ubiquinol a year hoping that it will improve their ovarian health and egg quality. Websites abound with the egg improving benefits of CoQ10.

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