does coffee affect male fertility

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  • Does caffeine affect male fertility?

  • Conclusions The published evidence suggests that caffeine intake, possibly though sperm DNA damage, may negatively affect male reproductive function. Evidence from epidemiological studies on semen parameters and male fertility is however inconsistent and inconclusive.

  • Does coffee affect semen quality and sperm DNA integrity?

  • Semen quality, a predictor of male fertility, has been suggested declining worldwide. Among other life style factors, male coffee/caffeine consumption was hypothesized to influence semen parameters, but also sperm DNA integrity.

  • How to prevent coffee and fertility problems?

  • To prevent the effects of the relationship between coffee and fertility you must simply stop drinking coffee.

  • Does coffee affect fecundability?

  • Heavy caffeine intake (700mg/day) among partners was negatively related to fecundability when compared with the lowest intake level (OR adjusted鈥?鈥?.6, 95% CI, 0.3-0.97). Smoking and alcohol, woman鈥檚 caffeine intake 鈥僅orak, 2003 [32] Not estimated mL of coffee per day No correlation between alcohol or coffee consumption and sperm DNA adducts None

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