does coffee affect male fertility

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  • Does caffeine affect male fertility?

  • The literature suggests that caffeine intake, possibly through sperm DNA damage, may negatively affect male reproductive function. Evidence from epidemiological studies on semen parameters and fertility is however inconsistent and inconclusive.

  • Does coffee cause problems with IVF?

  • According to the results of an extensive academic literature review conducted in Denmark ( where residents down an average of 1.46 cups of coffee daily) 鈥?No association was found between coffee/caffeine consumption and outcomes of fertility treatment,鈥?disproving the myth that even one coffee a day causes problems with IVF treatments.

  • Can a cup of coffee or tea help you conceive?

  • This Denmark study found that… Women who consumed more than 300 mg of caffeine per day (more than 1 cup of coffee) had similar fertility rates compared to women who drank less than 100 mg to none per day. Women who drank two or more servings of tea per day were slightly more likely to conceive than those who drank no tea.

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