does colposcopy affect fertility

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In a separate case-control study that evaluated 1,313 women who underwent colposcopy with 1,313 matched control patients, the risk of preterm birth was not affected by a small excision, butlarger lesions (15 mm or more) were associated with a doubling of the risk of preterm and very preterm births, independent of the time since the excision (BMJ. 2014;349:g6223).

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  • What are the after-effects of colposcopy on menstruation?

  • Methods: Women completed questionnaires on after-effects at approximately 6-weeks, and on menstruation at 4-months, post-colposcopy. Main outcome measures: Frequency of pain, bleeding, discharge; changes to first menstrual period post-colposcopy.

  • What should I know about colposcopy?

  • Women who are very anxious about their colposcopy may experience more pain during the procedure than those who find ways to control and manage their anxiety. Women with high anxiety levels are also more likely to skip their colposcopy appointments. Ask your doctor for brochures or pamphlets about colposcopy and what you can expect.

  • Are women at greatest risk of psychological distress after colposcopy?

  • Although some women experience adverse psychological effects after colposcopy, those at greatest risk are unknown. We investigated predictors of worries about cervical cancer, sex, future fertility and general health during 12 to 30 months after colposcopy.

  • What happens during a colposcopy for Pap smear?

  • During colposcopy, your doctor uses a special instrument called a colposcope. Your doctor may recommend colposcopy if your Pap test result is abnormal. If your doctor finds an unusual area of cells during colposcopy, a sample of tissue can be collected for laboratory testing (biopsy).

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