does diet coke affect fertility

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  • Can diet soda cause infertility?

  • Diet soda is HORRIBLE for you, so even though it doesn’t cause IF, you should stop drinking it. Period. And if you’re drinking enough that you think it’s affecting your body in any way, you should stop drinking it like today. Six years of infertility and loss, four IUIs, one IVF and one very awesome little boy born via med-free birth 10.24.13.

  • Do energy drinks and sugar drinks affect fertility?

  • For example, consider the results of three other recently published studies: Consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages (especially sodas or energy drinks) was linked to lower fertility for men and women, while drinking diet soda and fruit juice had no effect.

  • Is it safe to drink diet coke during pregnancy?

  • Though a diet soda might sound tempting when you’re pregnant, research shows that it’s probably not worth it. One of the most common gripes people have with Diet Coke is that it has the potential to cause cancer. And those concerns aren’t unfounded.

  • Does cocaine use cause infertility?

  • Yes, cocaine use may result in infertility issues. Cocaine affects sperm counts in men and ovulation in women. Furthermore, cocaine use during pregnancy at any stage can also result in miscarriages, birth defects, and other serious pregnancy complications.

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