does fertilizer pollute water

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  • How does fertilizer pollution affect the environment?

  • Thus, fertilization leads to water, soil and air pollution. Problems caused by too much fertilizer: The amount of nitrate may increase in drinking water and rivers as a result of high levels of nitrogen fertilizer use. Subsequently, question is, how can we prevent fertilizer pollution? 8 ways to reduce personal nutrient pollution

  • How does fertilizer use affect water?

  • Excessive use of fertilizers and subsequent nutrient runoff impact water everywhere, including locally. When fertilizer is applied to a lawn, nutrients are being added 鈥?something that all plants need to survive and grow.

  • Does nitrogen fertilizer contribute to groundwater contamination?

  • Nitrogen fertilizers containing nitrates can contaminate groundwater because nitrates are highly soluble in water. At high levels, nitrates can poison humans, particularly children.

  • Why do farmers use fertilizers in their fields?

  • Farmers are used fertilizers in their agricultural field to increase their crops production. When it’s raining chemicals in the fertilizers are flew into water. These leads to water pollution.

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