does granular fertilizer expire

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How Long Does Fertilizer Last?Liquid mineral fertilizer: Up to 10 yearsLiquid organic fertilizer: 5-8 yearsWeed and feed fertilizer: 4 yearsDry granular fertilizer: Lasts indefinitelyDry crystallized fertilizer: Lasts indefinitelyMicrobial Inoculants: 2 years

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  • Does liquid fertilizer expire?

  • Granular fertilizers that include some sort of insect or weed control component, such as weed and feed varieties, therefore expire in four years. If dry fertilizer doesn’t expire, you may wonder why anyone uses liquid fertilizer at all.

  • What type of fertilizer lasts the longest?

  • In general, the types of garden and lawn fertilizer are dry granular, dry crystallized, liquid organic, liquid mineral-based, and compost. Compost, dry crystallized, and dry granular boast the longest shelf life- they last indefinitely as long as you put them in the right place.

  • Is granular fertilizer bad for plants?

  • When you witness any of these indicators, please don鈥檛 put the product on your plants, as it may cause harm. Hardening or 鈥渕elting鈥?of granular fertilizer can happen under moist conditions, but you can still dry and break up this material and use it safely on your plants.

  • How long does fertilizer last in a shed?

  • Liquid fertilizers generally have a shelf life of eight to 10 years, but they do expire, unlike their dry counterparts. When using older liquids, shake the fertilizer well before use to mix back in any solids that have settled to the bottom of the container. You may choose the type of fertilizer you use based on what you already have in your shed.

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