does granular fertilizer expire

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  • Does fertilizer expire?

  • If properly stored, fertilizer does not expire. The minerals and elements will not break down. Synthetic granular fertilizer and dry organic fertilizer can last decades, synthetic liquid fertilizer can last between 8 to 10 years, and organic liquid fertilizer will last up to 5 years unopened.

  • Is granular fertilizer bad for plants?

  • When you witness any of these indicators, please don鈥檛 put the product on your plants, as it may cause harm. Hardening or 鈥渕elting鈥?of granular fertilizer can happen under moist conditions, but you can still dry and break up this material and use it safely on your plants.

  • What is the difference between liquid and granular fertilizer?

  • Liquid fertilizer is usually preferred for starter applications because of their uniform consistencies. Granular fertilizers can be too 鈥渉ot鈥?for the initial stages of seed development; roots move further away from points with higher concentrations of nitrogen and potassium. Slow-release options are available for dry fertilizers only.

  • Which fertilizers have the longest shelf life?

  • Granular or dry organic fertilizers such as bone meal, composted manures, and plant-derived meal products like alfalfa or neem seed meal tend to have a much longer shelf and storage life. These products undergo one or more of a variety of treatments to preserve their integrity for long periods of time.

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