does having a short period affect fertility

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  • Do short menstrual cycles affect fertility?

  • 鈥淚n agreement with previous studies, we found that short menstrual cycles were associated with reduced fecundability among North American pregnancy planners, independent of age, irregular cycles, and history of reproductive illness,鈥?the research team said, according to Futurity.

  • Can you still get pregnant with a short period?

  • The good news is, in most cases, you should still be able to get pregnant, and there is nothing wrong with you. If you have a cycle length that is 21 to 25 days long, and your period arrives on schedule every month, then you would have a regular short menstrual cycle.

  • Is it normal to have a short period for a woman?

  • Short Menstrual Cycle and Fertility Menstrual cycles that are less than 21 days are considered to be short menstrual cycles. In other words, if less than 21 days have passed from the first day you got your period to the next time it begins, your cycle is short. This usually starts to happen naturally as you begin to hit menopause.

  • What does your cycle length say about your fertility?

  • What Your Cycle Length Says About Your Fertility. You鈥檝e probably heard that an average menstrual cycle is 28 days. Of course, 鈥渁verage鈥?isn鈥檛 the same as healthy or normal. Some women have 27 day cycles, other women have 33 day cycles, and other women have cycles that vary every month.

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