does homeopathy work for fertility

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  • Can homeopathy be used to treat female infertility?

  • With this study, the authors present five cases of female infertility treated successfully with the use of homeopathic treatment in a large obstetrics-gynecology Hospital in Athens. Adult Female Greece Homeopathy* Humans Infertility, Female / therapy*

  • Can homeopathy help sperm count and sperm mobility?

  • A study published in the journal Homeopathy revealed that homeopathic treatment is a useful alternative to conventional treatment, especially in men with low sperm count and low sperm mobility levels. The researchers further found that the effect of homeopathy is more than a mere placebo effect.

  • Can homeopathy help with emotional problems?

  • Emotions too have a huge impact on our health and often surround fertility problems. Homeopathy offers an excellent option to couples seeking assistance with becoming pregnant or as support physically and/or emotionally for fertility treatments such as IVF or IUI.

  • What are the benefits of homeopathic medicine for kids?

  • The major benefit of homeopathic medicine is that it cures the process and even after the end of treatment, the positive results are maintained by the body. The homeopathic remedies usually come in a form of small sweet pills and they are easy to take for both kids and adults.

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