does nj medicaid cover fertility treatments

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  • Does insurance cover infertility treatment in New Jersey?

  • New Jersey mandate for infertility coverage Currently only 16 states in the U.S. 鈥?including New Jersey 鈥?have laws requiring health insurance companies to provide coverage for infertility treatment.

  • Does Medicaid cover fertility treatment?

  • This is because most US States ideally don鈥檛 cover fertility treatment. As of 2020, studies show that only one State, New York, had policies requiring Medicaid to pay for fertility treatment. However, as of April 2021, 19 states have passed laws to cover fertility treatment and 13 of those laws include IVF coverage.

  • What is not covered by Medicaid in New Jersey?

  • Medicaid coverage in New Jersey aims to provide low-income applicants with aid for health care, but does exclude certain services that are not life-threatening or are otherwise considered elective procedures. In NJ, Medicaid does not cover: Procedures regarding cosmetic alterations. Occupational, speech or respiratory therapy.

  • What is the insurance mandate for infertility?

  • The insurance mandate states that any insurance provider who provides pregnancy-related benefits must also cover infertility treatment and IVF costs. The law also requires health plans contracting to cover state employees and teachers to include the same infertility coverage.

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