how and when to fertilize pecan trees

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Pecan trees benefit from fertilizer twice a year. Fertilize at the end of winter dormancy, inlate February or early March. If the tree grows in a fertilized lawn, this is usually the only general-purpose fertilizer application needed.

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  • How much fertilizer for pecan trees?

  • For newly planted pecan trees, spreading fertilizer by hand works well enough. How much fertilizer? As a general rule, use 3/4 to 1 pound of pecan tree fertilizer per 1 foot height of your pecan tree, per season, or use as directed on the bag of fertilizer.

  • How often should soil be tested for pecan trees?

  • Soil tests should be repeated every 2 to 3 years to insure a good pecan crop. A soil pH of 6.0 to 6.5 assures the availability of essential nutrients.

  • Is 10-10-10 A good fertilizer for pecan trees?

  • If you are growing a tree or two in your yard, 10-10-10 might be a sutiable fertilizer for you, but you’ll need to apply Zinc seperately. Many nursery and garden centers, or feed and seed stores, offer a specialty Pecan Tree Fertilizer that will also contain the Zinc your tree or two will need.

  • How do you take care of a pecan tree after planting?

  • Watering: The primary aftercare chore for successfully growing pecan trees is to supply the trees鈥?moisture needs for the first two or three years. The basic reason for this is that most young trees have lost a large percentage of their roots during digging and transplanting.

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