how does pid affect fertility

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PID can make getting pregnant harder, and 1 in 10 women with the condition become infertile. Bacteria that makes its way into the fallopian tubes can lead to inflammation, which causes scar tissue to form. And that scar tissue can create blockages in the tubes that make it harder for the sperm and egg to meet.

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  • Can pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) cause infertility?

  • The infection and inflammation from PID can cause scarring, which can increase the chance for infertility and ectopic pregnancy. PID can also cause chronic pelvic pain, abscesses (pockets of pus-filled, infected tissue), and other serious health problems.

  • What are the complications of PID?

  • If diagnosed and treated early, the complications of PID can be prevented. Formation of scar tissue both outside and inside the fallopian tubes that can lead to tubal blockage; Ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the womb); Infertility (inability to get pregnant); Long-term pelvic/abdominal pain.

  • What is the relationship between trichomoniasis and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)?

  • Moodley P, Wilkinson D, Connolly C, Moodley J, Sturm AW. Trichomonas vaginalis is associated with pelvic inflammatory disease in women infected with human immunodeficiency virus. Clin Infect Dis. 2002;34(4):519鈥?2.

  • Can you get pregnant with PID and scar tissue?

  • Even just a little bit of scar tissue can make it harder to get pregnant. But many women with PID can still get pregnant with the help of fertility treatments . PID doesn鈥檛 always show symptoms early on, or they can be so mild that a woman doesn鈥檛 notice them.

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