how fertile are you after c section

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  • Do you have fertility health concerns after a C-section?

  • Fertility health continues to be a concern for many women after giving birth via cesarean section or c-section. We wanted to share with you common concerns about fertility and future pregnancy after having a c-section, and how to address them. 1. Q. After a long battle with infertility, I had a healthy baby boy last month.

  • Should you have a vaginal birth after a C-section?

  • Once a woman has a C-section, she is very likely to have to have another one if she has another child, he says. You are leaving a big scar on the uterus, so having a vaginal birth after a cesarean carries the risk of having your uterus rupture. That is something to think very carefully about.

  • What happens to your period after a C-section?

  • The truth is that after your period returns, it can take a while for the cycle to be totally regular again. You may notice small blood clots, irregular flow, or increased period pain after a C-section.

  • Does a cesarean section affect fertility?

  • But a childbirth expert who commented on the study for WebMD says fertility issues are way down the list of concerns regarding cesarean section. If there is an effect on fertility, it is certainly a very small one, says California ob-gyn Bruce Flamm, MD, who has written two books on cesarean deliveries.

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