how long after fertilizer can i seed

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Few days to several weeks

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  • How long after fertilizing lawn can you plant seed (and why)?

  • If your lawn is new, you can add fertilizers to the soil, and after that added seed after one hour or immediately. Fertilizers will enhance the growth of baby seeds, and the germination process will enhance. Make sure your fertilizers do not have any pesticides. You are adding fertilizers and seeds for the first time.

  • Can you apply starter fertilizer and seed at the same time?

  • Applying a starter fertilizer the same time as seeding a new lawn will ensure the emerging grass stalks have the nutrients they need to jump-start their growth. When seeding a lawn, you should never apply the fertilizer and seed together.

  • How long after fertilizing should I overseed?

  • How long after fertilizing should I overseed? You can fertilize either immediately before or after you broadcast the grass seed. Keep the area moist until the grass sprouts, and then slowly reduce the watering frequency. Correspondingly, can you fertilize and overseed at the same time?

  • When should I apply fertilizer to my lawn?

  • You can apply your grass seed as soon as you add fertilizer to your lawn. However, you must not use fertilizer that contains preemergent herbicides, or the grass seeds will not germinate. Before adding the fertilizer, you should till the soil. Soil tilling makes the soil looser so that water and fertilizer can pass through the soil.

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