how long can fertile eggs be cold

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7 days

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  • How long can you store fertile eggs before incubation?

  • Fertile eggs can be stored for quite a long time before being incubated and still produce healthy chicks. Most people like to set eggs that are no older than 7 days, cause fertility is still good after just a week.

  • What is the best temperature to store chicken eggs?

  • The ideal temperature for the storage of fertile hatching eggs is between 50F (10C) and 55F (12C). It may come as a surprise to you but the embryo can begin to develop, albeit slowly at quite low temperatures. The embryo in chickens eggs above 27C (80F) will begin to grow.

  • Should eggs be kept warm or cool when they hatch?

  • Once a fertile egg has been laid, it SHOULD be kept cool. If it is kept warm, the embryo will start developing, and people don’t want that when they buy fertile hatching eggs.

  • What temperature do you not freeze eggs at?

  • Eggs do not freeze until the temperature reaches -2C or 29F, at this level ice crystals begin to form and damage the membranes in the egg. The lower and upper limits for storing fertile hatching eggs are 40F (4C) to 60F (15c) respectively and the nearer the lower temperature the better.

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