how much fertilizer per acre for wheat

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50 pounds

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  • What is the optimum fertilizer nitrogen rate for winter wheat?

  • The optimum fertilizer nitrogen rate for winter wheat (with a maximum rate of 100 lb of nitrogen per acre for dryland, and 150 lb of nitrogen per acre irrigated) can be calculated with the following equation or by using Table I. Nitrogen Rate (lbs/acre) = ((N Price / Wheat Price) + (NO

  • How much fertilizer do you need for an acre?

  • Multiply the amount of fertilizer you need for 1,000 square feet by 43.56 to determine how much you need for an acre. Several factors go into a determination of the application rate for fertilizer, including:

  • How much zinc do you put in wheat fertilizer?

  • Other Nutrients Zinc When soil zinc (Zn) levels are less than 0.4 ppm (DTPA test), wheat may respond to Zn fertilization. Usually it鈥檚 not economical to broadcast 10 or 15 lb of zinc per acre from Zn sulfate to increase the soil test level unless producers are irrigating or producing other high- Zn requiring crops.

  • How do I plan an efficient fertility program for wheat?

  • Other factors to consider in planning an efficient fertility program are fertilizer rates of application, placement and timing. Nitrogen performs many vital functions in the wheat plant. Wheat requires 2 to 2.5 pounds of nitrogen (N) per bushel (bu) of grain, or, if grazed, 1 pound per acre or each 3 pound-per-acre animal gain.

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