how often do you need to fertilize your lawn

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Four times annually

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  • When to fertilize the lawn?

  • However, following the general tips below will help you decide when to fertilize the lawn: 1 Apply when the grass is actively growing. 2 Apply when the soil is damp and the grass is dry. 3 Apply when the grass is frost-free. 4 Don鈥檛 mow the lawn 3 days before or after applying the fertilizer. More …

  • How often should I apply fertilizer?

  • Some granular fertilizers will only require two applications per year, as they slowly release their nutritional value to the soil. Soluble feeds can be applied from anywhere between every three weeks through to annual applications depending on the product chosen.

  • How often should I Feed my lawn?

  • A natural way of feeding your lawn every two weeks would be to leave the grass clippings on the lawn surface when mowing your grass. The grass clippings contain low nutrient levels that will slowly be absorbed by the soil as they naturally decompose and get eaten by earthworms. These won鈥檛 burn the lawn or cause excessive growth.

  • Can you fertilize your lawn too much?

  • It鈥檚 very easy to fertilize your lawn too much. Fertilizing your lawn with too much fertilizer in one application or not allowing enough time between applications, leads to three problems. Lawn burn 鈥?Brown or yellow patches of grass will appear on your lawn in the areas that have had too much nitrogen.

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