how often should you yoni steam for fertility

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Utilizing a steam treatment during the following times may be particularly beneficial: During normal maintenance of next cycles Two weeks before menstruation to relieve upcoming pain or bloating During peak fertility periods, which isonce per week and twice per week during ovulation

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  • Can you use yoni steaming for fertility?

  • Using Yoni Steaming for fertility comes with a few rules. You should only steam in a specific window of time to allow you body to naturally do what it is supposed to do when trying to conceive. I have a video here explaining when you should and should not steam when trying to conceive:

  • How do I start a yoni steam?

  • Begin by choosing ingredients and timing for your yoni steams to support your specific needs. If you are very logical then you may prefer to work with your womb cycle but if you prefer the more 鈥渟hakti鈥?aspect of moon energy then work with the moon. Preparing for pregnancy/B4 baby 鈥?you can yoni steam weekly if you like!

  • When should I include raspberry leaf in my Yoni steam?

  • I recommend you include raspberry leaf in your yoni steam if you suffer with heavy menstrual bleeding or have had uterine surgery in any form (surgical miscarriage, c-section, fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, prolapse, previous uterine hemorrhage) to help recovery and tone the uterus.

  • What should I look for when picking herbs for my Yoni?

  • When picking herbs for your Yoni Steam it is important that you do your research on every herb that you want in your steam. Using an herb that does not align with your health goal can lead to undesired results.

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