how often should you yoni steam for fertility

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Utilizing a steam treatment during the following times may be particularly beneficial: During normal maintenance of next cycles Two weeks before menstruation to relieve upcoming pain or bloating During peak fertility periods, which isonce per week and twice per week during ovulation

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  • Can you use yoni steaming for fertility?

  • Using Yoni Steaming for fertility comes with a few rules. You should only steam in a specific window of time to allow you body to naturally do what it is supposed to do when trying to conceive. I have a video here explaining when you should and should not steam when trying to conceive:

  • How often should I do yoni steaming?

  • During these two to three months, it is recommended that you practice yoni steaming a twice week on the weeks that you are not menstruating (never steam during menstruation). Take these months as an opportunity to cleanse your whole body, mind and spirit.

  • How to make Yoni steamed herbs?

  • Purchase a handmade yoni steam seat from Etsy or Vibrant Souls. Your bowl with herbs and water will be placed inside a bucket, with the seat on top. Place two quarts of filtered water into your sauce pan or pot and bring to a boil. Add one heaping cup of yoni steaming herbs to the water.

  • What should I expect during my first cycle after steaming?

  • Be aware that your first cycle after steaming may be heavier and darker, this is a sign that your body had to purge all that 鈥渆xcess鈥?out before it can feel light and healthy! You can experience the benefits of a Yoni Steam without the use of herbs. It is the steam that is truly powerful and has the potential to bring you relief.

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